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Reasons to Visit Pune During Your Holidays

Pune is called the cultural capital of Maharashtra and rightly so. It is a city that still exudes the Marathi culture and traditions in the best possible way. However, this does not mean it has not accepted the changes that modern age has brought. Pune is the perfect blend of tradition and modern. Moreover, it is blessed with a natural beauty that is rarely seen in any other city today. Here we present to you some reasons that would convince you to visit Pune at least once during your holidays.

Cultural: As mentioned in the beginning, Pune has a rich cultural heritage. Various festivals, right from Ganesh Utsav to Diwali to Holi and Gudi Padwa, are celebrated with equal zeal. If you visit the city during the time of one of these festivals, you would find a city that is filled with abundant energy, lights and festivities.

History: Pune has a rich history, one that dates back to the time when the Marathas ruled the place. As a remembrance of the time of the Maratha rule, there are various monuments, forts, museums, etc. that are a reminiscence of the past time. Some of the places that you must definitely visit when in this city are Shaniwar Wada, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Dagadusheth Halwai Mandir, etc. Apart from these, there are lot of buildings and monuments in Pune that have been built during the British rule in India.

Nature: Pune is closer to nature than any other city in today’s times is. You would be able to see patches of greenery in several parts of the city, especially during monsoon. The outskirts of the city are full of places that are truly beautiful. Also, Pune is gifted with various mountains and hills that add to its beauty. If you are in Pune, do visit Sinhagad Fort, especially during the monsoon. The Fort which once belonged to the Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is located on a hill-top surrounded by a magical beauty, which is enhanced ten-fold during the rainy season. Moreover, Pune is also close to hill stations like Lonavala, Khanadala, etc.

Hotels: While the city is attached to its past, this has not affected its growth and development in any way. This can be confirmed from the fact that Pune has some of the best and luxurious hotels. The best hotels in Pune are situated all over the city, and you can easily choose one as per your budget and other such requirements. The best hotels in Pune not only provide the basic amenities but also all the luxuries and comforts that you wish for when on a holiday. While some of the hotels are located right in the middle of the cities, there are several on the outskirts of the city, amidst the beautiful nature.

Food: Food is one of the major reasons you must visit this lively city of Pune. From the desi Maharashtrian thali to the international buffet, you would find everything here. When in Pune, you must definitely try the local food which includes vada pav, missal pav, etc. While the vegetarian Maharashtrian thali is amazing, the non-vegetarian dishes (chicken and mutton) are to die for. You must also try the street food of the city which offers a lot of creative dishes like chocolate sandwich. The city also has some famous cafes and restaurants like the German Bakery which you must visit when in the city.

Shopping: If you like shopping, you would love Pune. The city has several malls which have stores of both national and international brands. However, if you really want to enjoy shopping, you must go street shopping. Areas like FC road, MG road, JM road, etc. are famous for street shopping where you can buy everything including clothes, accessories, books, etc. Also, do not forget to bargain to get the best deals.

In short, Pune is a happening city that offers you a perfect and relaxed holiday. The climate is also pleasant year along, making it a great place for having your vacation with your family. If you are really impressed with the city, make your bookings in one of the best hotels in Pune and have great fun during your stay here.

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